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Uniting science &
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Unlock the Power of Nature with Ancient Organics® Microbial Inoculants

Unlock the Power of Nature with Ancient Organics®

Microbial Inoculants

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Field & Laboratory Tested

All of our products are extensively tested under field conditions to ensure performance

Designed & Tested

Our microbial guilds are designed using our proprietary MetaFlux™ model to select the best and most efficient combination of microbes possible

OMRI Listed Organic

We use certified organic materials to grow all of our microbes

Our Products

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Unlock the Power of Nature with Ancient Organics® Microbial Inoculants

Ancient Organics® develops beneficial microbial inoculants that unlock the power of nature to restore balance to your soil and plants.  Our products are organic and completely natural. They restore the health of your soil and reduce the need for chemical fertilizers. 

Each product is made up of a group of beneficial bacteria, or “guild.” We assemble these “guilds” of bacteria based upon the unique genetic makeup of each microbe and the beneficial function each of them provides to your soil or plants.

Our beneficial microbial guilds colonize the soil as a symbiotic self-sustaining community that are designed to survive by cross feeding each other.  As a result, the benefits provided by the guild to your soil or plants continue to endure for a period of time after application.

Ancient Organics® microbial inoculants contain bacteria from ancient sources that benefit from the lost biodiversity from ancient environments.  We believe these ancient organisms are more resilient than their modern day counterparts and add improved functionality to our products.

Ancient Organics® Is Developing Natural Tools To Address Important Challenges Facing The World Today.

Global Challenges

How Is Ancient Organics® Working To Help Solve
These Challenges?

PaleoPower Microbial Inoculant

Our first product, PaleoPower, is comprised of a consortium of bacterial strains that are designed to:

PaleoPower Microbial Inoculant

Our first product, PaleoPower, is a consortium of beneficial bacterial strains that restores soil health and improves plant growth by providing the following benefits:

Rare Ancient Microbes

The Power of Ancient Microbes 

Our microbial inoculants contain proprietary strains of beneficial bacteria that were recovered from ancient sources. These ancient sources include amber deposits from around the World that date from 20 – 120 million years old and deep sea cores from the bottom of the Pacific Ocean that are believed to be more than 20 million years old. 

Scientific studies and genetic analysis have shown that our ancient organisms are related to their modern day ancestors. However, they do have genetic differences and characteristics, likely in response to the extreme environments in which they once thrived. Ancient Organics® is tapping into the lost biodiversity of these ancient microorganisms to power the performance of its products. Studies on our products to date demonstrate that our microbial inoculants give your plants and soil the power they need to become  healthier, stronger, and more resilient.


We are solving four top level issues in the Cannabis industry.

Ancient Cultures Offer a Wealth of Opportunity

Nowhere else on earth will you find this collection of rare microbes. They predate industrialization, antibiotics, and herbicides. They are pristine.

Microorganisms are an Obsession

Our team is world renowned for the work we've done in microbial science and research. It is our life's work.

We Are Solution Finders

Unlike the majority of generic products for agriculture and industry, we embrace the complexity of ecosystems, Metagenomics , and biology when creating microbe blends designed to go to the root of problems.

Ancient Organics Bioscience is a science-based company that specializes in the development of microbial consortia to solve soil fertility, plant health and environmental contamination challenges using a wholistic approach with far-reaching impacts…Read More

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Find all the latest news and information about microbial inoculants, their applications in agriculture
and bioremediation, and how they can help your plants and soil thrive.


Rounding Up Toxins with microbes

Worried about Glyphosate toxins in your soil and crops? Choose a natural way to safely remove it.

PaleoPower helps prevent the uptake of toxic metals such as arsenic and lead.


Soil Food for Happy Crops

Enrich your soil. Feed it what it needs most and it will reward you with more resilient plants. PaleoGro™ is a probiotic soil supplement that is designed to replenish soil. This amazing blend goes on to promote healthy plants and robust growth in crops.

Reducing Plant Stress by PaleoPower™

Plants require a balance of water, nutrients and oxygen in order to grow and survive, otherwise they will begin to show signs of stress and die


Protect Your Seedlings

PaleoCoat™ is a powerful seed coating that promotes germination while boosting seedling health and preventing wilt caused by fungi.


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Customers Rave About Our Outstanding Service and Quality Products!

Healthy soil = healthy plants = healthy food

Ancient Organics® microbial inoculants restore your soil, improve the health of your plants and remove contaminants from your soil. Try them today to experience the power of nature!

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