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The Power Of Ancient Microbes

Our products harness the power of ancient microorganisms to enrich the native microbiota and foster robust plant growth and sustainable soil. These microorganisms, dating back millions of years, possess unique genetic traits distinct from their modern counterparts. By leveraging their diverse metabolic pathways and biochemical capabilities honed over time in diverse and extreme environments, we rejuvenate soil productivity and empower plants to flourish in any setting.

These ancient microbes, with their genetic diversity, have evolved to thrive in various conditions like high temperatures, salinity, and limited nutrients and water. Unlike modern organisms adapted to stable environments, their exceptional genetic makeup enables them to enhance plant growth and improve soil health across diverse environments and circumstances. Embracing this genetic wealth of ancient microbes sets our products apart, making them effective and versatile for different soil types, environmental conditions, and a wide range of crop species.

Ancient Bacterial Strains

PaleoPower  is composed of ancient bacterial strains that restore natural communications to your plant and soil.These bacterial strains come from unique sources and work together where they cross-feed each other to form a self-sustaining guild.

PaleoPower acts at the rhizosphere level, feeding and protecting the plant.The ancient bacterial strains also play a significant role in bioremediation, where they break down glyphosate. Glyphosate is harmful to organisms living in the world’s deep oceans and in the soil.

PaleoPower  contains bacteria that can break down glyphosate in the soil into phosphate, amino acids, carbon dioxide, and water. PaleoPower’s microbes also produce siderophores that remove heavy metals from the soil, preventing them from  plant uptake and, thus, healthier growth.


Amber harbors microbes that lived tens of millions of years ago.  Amber is fossilized tree resin from forests that are now extinct. Amber deposits around the World in places such as Burma, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Lebanon and Russia have been dated by paleontologists to be 20 – 120 million years old. 

Amber fossils often contain soil, insects and plants that existed on the planet millions of years ago. These fossils not only contain ancient DNA, they also harbor the spores of ancient microbes. The scientists at Ancient Organics® have isolated and characterized more than 2,000 ancient microbes from amber fossils from around the World.  We then analyze these ancient microbes to identify strains of beneficial bacteria that contain functional genes that provide specific benefits to your plants and soil.  The beneficial functions of these ancient bacteria are then formulated into our products and tested in various crops and soil types.

Deep Sea Sediments

The scientists at Ancient Organics® have also isolated unique microbes dating back tens of millions of years from deep-sea sediments at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

Similar to the ancient microbes found in amber fossils, the ancient microbes found in deep sea sediments evolved a wide range of metabolic and biochemical pathways in response to their unique environments.  As with the microbes from the amber fossils, we have analyzed the ancient microbes from the deep sea sediments to identify functionality that may be beneficial to your soil and plants to help power our products.

Healthy soil = healthy plants = healthy food

Ancient Organics® microbial inoculants restore your soil, improve the health of your plants and remove contaminants from your soil. Try them today to experience the power of nature!

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