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About Ancient Organics Bioscience

Our Company

Ancient Organics® creates organic agricultural inoculants composed of microorganisms that provide health benefits to your soil and plants. Our products reduce the need for chemical fertilizers because our beneficial microorganisms, not chemicals, are providing plant and soil nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphate, potassium and carbon

Using biological alternatives

to reduce chemical inputs is better for our planet and helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, unlike chemicals, living microorganisms have the ability to improve soil and plant health by restoring a healthy microbiome. A healthy microbiome in turn increases soil productivity, accelerates plant growth and improves crop yields.

Microorganisms: Natural Breakdown of Chemical Soil Contaminants for Healthier Food Production

Some of the microorganisms in our products also have the ability to naturally break down chemical soil contaminants such as Glyphosate, which can kill the soil microbiome and reduce productivity of the soil.  The breakdown of these chemical soil contaminants is important because the contaminants are no longer taken up by the plants, resulting in healthier foods.

Ancient Microbial Inoculants: Harnessing Lost Biodiversity for Adaptability and Resilience

Our microbial inoculants contain bacteria from ancient sources that benefit from the lost biodiversity from ancient environments.  These ancient organisms have developed somewhat different metabolic pathways in response to their ancient environments and may be more adaptable and resilient than their modern day counterparts.

Our Team

Raul Cano

Ph.D. - Founder, CEO and Board Member

Dr. Cano is a world-renowned microbial ecologist. He is Professor Emeritus and Endowed Chair of the Unocal Institute of Environmental Studies at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, California, as well as a Fellow of the American Academy of Microbiology.  Over the past 40 years Raul has used the power of microorganisms to create human antibiotics and probiotics, and to clean up oil spills and other environmental contaminants.  At Ancient Organics®, Dr. Cano is using beneficial microbes to create powerful organic probiotics for your soil and plants.

Robin Steele

JD, LLM - Founder and Board Member

Robin has over 30 years of experience working in life sciences and related industries.  She serves on the Boards of Directors of multiple public and privately held companies and advises Ancient Organics® in a number of areas in connection with the research, development and commercialization of the Company’s products.

Jason Bostian

 Business Development and Marketing

Jason has worked in the banking industry for over 10 years with major financial institutions including Wells Fargo, Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch.  Jason is advising the Company on fundraising, business development and marketing strategies for the Company’s products.

Larry Clopp

 MBA - Operations

Larry has over 40 years of management consulting experience. He worked with major consulting groups including Accenture, Cap Gemini and The Gartner Group implementing complex systems for global companies such as Apple, BMW, Cisco and Dell.  Larry is assisting the Company with internal systems and IT infrastructure.

Jim Bowles


Jim has over 40 years of experience selling agricultural products in California, Canada and Mexico. Jim is supporting the commercial launch of PaleoPower.

Our Advisors

Martha Carlin


Martha is the CEO and Founder of two companies working with the human microbiome. BiotiQuest sells a line of human probiotic products that were co-developed by our Founder, Dr. Raul Cano and Ms. Carlin. The Biocollective provides products and services to accelerate microbiome research.  Martha provides strategic advice to  Ancient Organics® in a number of areas.

Judy Daniels

Ph.D. - Soils Consultant

Judy is Founder and CEO of Soil Sage, LLC, an environmental consulting firm with expertise in soils assessments and analyses. Judy provides advice on soils related experimental design for evaluating Ancient Organics® products and oversees third party analyses of the impact of the Company’s products on soil health.

Don Huber

Glyphosate Consultant

Dr. Huber is Professor Emeritus at Purdue University who received various degrees in plant pathology from the University of Idaho and Michigan State University. He conducted agricultural research for 50 years focused on soilborne plant pathogens, looking at topics like epidemiology, biological controls, and host-parasite relationships. In addition to his academic career, Dr. Huber also had a career as a labor mediator and served on two school boards.

Steve Kazemi

Microbiology Consultant

Steve was the Founder and CEO of Pure Cultures, LLC which produces a line of probiotic supplements for animals, which he recently sold.  Steve provides advice to Ancient Organics® in the areas of functional genomics and microbial fermentation.

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Ancient Organics® microbial inoculants restore your soil, improve the health of your plants and remove contaminants from your soil. Try them today to experience the power of nature!

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