Microbes of Cannabis

Benefits Of PaleoPower for Your Cannabis Garden, Fast Buds

PaleoPower harnesses beneficial microbes to create a thriving ecosystem that supports plant growth and reproduction.

It aids in breaking down organic material, releasing vital nutrients, and promotes soil health. Our products guarantee healthy plants. Additionally, PaleoPower enables the acquisition of essential nitrogen from the atmosphere, further enhancing plant health and productivity. PaleoPower’s beneficial microbes play an important role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem that helps in breaking down organic material for nutrients and helps in preventing pathogens from developing in your soil. Our products ensure healthy plants which equals healthy food.
PaleoPower also makes it possible to obtain essential nitrogen from the atmosphere.

Best microbes for Cannabis plant growth industry: a symbiotic alliance

The Cannabis industry is rapidly expanding, and with it comes a need for new methods for growing Cannabis.

PaleoRestore™ benefits the growth of Cannabis by stimulating and protecting the plants’ roots in a symbiotic relationship.

Epiphyte and Endophyte microorganisms

PaleoRestore™, contains bacteria that develop and thrive around the plant roots, known as epiphytic bacteria. Additionally, there are endophytic bacteria that are part of the PaleoPower consortium that specifically develop and live within the plant itself. Both types of bacteria provide the plant with an advantage by enhancing its growth.

Microbial inoculant from PaleoPower
products for Cannabis cultivation

PaleoPower is a Microbial inoculant that acts as a consortium of microorganisms that promotes plant growth and improves soil health.

PaleoPower is a biostimulant designed to improve the plant health by improving the quality of the soil and better assimilation of organic nutrients.

Bio-stimulants by PaleoPower are intended to improve the plant health by improving the quality of the soil and better assimilation of organic nutrients. Microbes break organic nutrients to simpler compounds for easy uptake by the plant. Nutrient uptake is very important for any plant.

PaleoPower phytostrengtheners strengthens Cannabis to fight root pathogens. Cannabis seeds in the nursery need very crucial nursery care, therefore phytostrengtheners is important for increasing the plant’s biomass where in a controlled experiment over two growing seasons PaleoPower increased the plant’s biomass by 40% Cannabis plants.

How PaleoPower: Beneficial Microbes Keep Your Cannabis Plants Healthy

Benefits of PaleoPower in Enhancing Root System Efficiency

One of the most important factors in plants is moisture content. If you have a dry root systeMoisture content is crucial for plant health, as a dry root system hampers water and nutrient absorption from the soil, leaving plants dependent on rainfall or irrigation alone.

PaleoPower can help address this issue by promoting optimal moisture homeostasis at the root level. By enhancing the soil’s water-holding capacity, PaleoPower helps prevent excessive drying of the root system. This enables plants to absorb water and vital nutrients more effectively, even in drier conditions.

Additionally, PaleoPower aids in improving root system efficiency by enhancing aeration. Its beneficial microbes work to break up compacted soil, allowing water to penetrate easily and reach the root zone below. This facilitates enhanced nutrient absorption and fosters faster plant growth, surpassing the growth rate achievable without proper aeration.
m, then it will not be able to absorb water and vital nutrients from the soil and will instead be forced to rely on rainfall or irrigation.

Reducing Plant Stress by PaleoPower

PaleoPower relieves water and light stress in plants, promoting healthy growth and survival. It enhances moisture uptake, ensuring sufficient water for plant growth. Beneficial microbes in PaleoPower enhance soil water-holding capacity, preventing water stress and supporting plant resilience. Additionally, PaleoPower improves overall plant health, enhancing nutrient absorption and promoting robust growth. This results in healthy leaves that maximize light absorption, preventing decolorization and providing the necessary energy for photosynthesis and optimal growth.

Healthy soil = healthy plants = healthy food

Ancient Organics® microbial inoculants restore your soil, improve the health of your plants and remove contaminants from your soil. Try them today to experience the power of nature!

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