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Why PaleoPower™?

Unproductive soil, poor plant health, and chemical contaminants pose challenges in agriculture. Ancient Organics® addresses these issues with PaleoPower, a unique soil and plant probiotic.  This formulation harnesses the power of beneficial microorganisms, providing a natural and organic solution to enhance plant yield and reduce reliance on chemical fertilizers. 

PaleoPower restores a healthy soil microbiome and breaks down contaminants like glyphosate. By using this innovative product, farmers and growers can improve soil quality, crop productivity, and profitability while minimizing chemical inputs for long-term sustainability.

PaleoPower™ Provides Essential Minerals

PaleoPower provides essential minerals to support plant growth.

The PaleoPower Advantage

Enhances Growth by Making Phytohormones

Phytohormones are important for plant growth and development. They also help plants tolerate stress and promote survival in varying environments.

Restores a Healthy Soil Microbiome.

PaleoPower colonizes the soil with beneficial bacterial restoring a healthy microbiome, making the soil more productive.

Converts Atmospheric Nitrogen Into Plant Nutrients. 

These nutrients become available to the plant for growth and development reducing the need to use chemical fertilizers. 

Degrades Glyphosate.

PaleoPower  breaks down glyphosate into phosphate, amino acids, carbon dioxide and water. The released phosphate becomes available for plant nutrition..

Solubilizes Phosphate.

Phosphate is a crucial nutrient for plants. It improves water use efficiency and helps plants withstand colder temperatures and moisture stress.

PaleoPower™ Accelerates Germination and Increases Crop Yields

PaleoPower™ Accelerates Germination

PaleoPower more than doubled the germination rate of 5 different strains of Cannabis (hemp) seeds with characteristically low germination rates

PaleoPower™ Increases Crop Yields


Alfalfa - 20% Increases Yield

PaleoPower™ increases crop yields by 5%- 48% depending upon the crop. Controlled studies demonstrated the following yield increases over 2 growing seasons: 

Cannabis: Increased Biomass 40% and Flower Yield 44%

Potatoes - 25% Increase

Pumkin - 36% Increase

PaleoPower™ Improves Soil Health 

Independent analysis suggests that PaleoPower improves overall soil health as measured by increased microbially active
carbon, increased soil CO2 respiration, and increased organic matter.

PaleoPower™ Restores Degraded Soils

PaleoPower™ Restores a Healthy Soil Microbiome

Independent analyses show that PaleoPower colonizes the soil with beneficial microorganisms and restores soil health by increasing the diversity of the soil microbiome. This increases the productivity of the soil.
Analyses using both the Shannon Diversity Index and the Simpson Diversity Index confirm and increase in the number of species present in the soil together with an increase in their relative abundance following treatment with PaleoPower.

PaleoPower™ Breaks Down Glyphosate

PaleoPower contains bacteria that bioremediate contaminated soils, including chemicals from weed-killers like glyphosate.  This prevents plants from taking up glyphosate from the soil as they grow.  The result is healthier foods.
Two independent controlled studies demonstrate that a single treatment of PaleoPower reduced soil glyphosate and AMPA by over 80% in 90 days and over 90% in 180 days. The graphs below shows the exponential decrease in glyphosate levels in soil after treatment with PaleoPower.

Green House Study

Field Study

Healthy soil = healthy plants = healthy food

Ancient Organics® microbial inoculants restore your soil, improve the health of your plants and remove contaminants from your soil. Try them today to experience the power of nature!